In Genbook Desktop (full browser version)

Marking an appointment as “Complete” from your Calendar, Inbox, or Customers tab can have the significance of your choosing. It isn’t linked to anything and doesn’t trigger anything, so it’s up to each business owner or manager to use it however he/she wants. It can mean anything you want it to.

Some businesses take a “completed appointment” to mean it has already taken place. Others use it to denote the fact that they’ve seen the details of the appointment and are aware of its existence. But don’t be afraid to attach your own meaning to the feature. And if you think of a really unique way to use it, we’d love to hear about it.

A gray check mark appears in the top right corner of the appointment in the calendar and under Key in the Inbox for “completed” appointments.

In Genbook Manager (iPhone and Android app)

You can also "complete" an appointment from the Manager app on your phone. Tap on it in your calendar, then tap the Status line.

Next, tap "Completed" on the next screen.  

You'll then see that the new status is "Completed" and there's a green "Completed" banner at the top of the appointment details as well. 

Completed appointments are indicated by a grey arrow with a circle around it on the Manager apps. 


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