What is Genbook Optimizer?
A powerful appointment optimization and success-based marketing system that will keep your business humming and protect your schedule from quiet spots. In addition to the heads-up Calendar Overview that includes important performance stats, Optimizer includes an amazing, appointment-generating feature called Last Minute Bookings.

How does Last Minute Bookings work?
This feature will fill your empty and expiring appointment slots with customers, who will pay for your services in advance at a discount that's set by you. Once enabled, Genbook will automatically and continually market your expiring last minute availability in the timeframe selected.

For example, if you select "Today only" and "10%", customers can book and pay for any available appointment today at a 10% discount. Customers can also book regularly priced appointments on other days as per your usual availability. Because this feature works on a rolling basis, it will continually optimize your schedule and fill your empty slots each day until you disable it. It's designed as a set-and-forget feature so that you can focus on managing your business while Genbook fills your schedule with paying customers!

How does Genbook generate new bookings for my business?
Genbook identifies your expiring appointment slots and markets them to new and previous customers via your scheduling page. Genbook will also promote your services to thousands of new customers in the Genbook App.

How will I know when a customer has booked and paid?
Genbook will notify you of all new Last Minute Bookings by email and/or SMS as per your settings. The booking and payment details will appear in your Calendar just like regular bookings.

What does it cost to use Last Minute Bookings?
Because Genbook helps you generate new customer bookings and additional revenue for time slots that might have otherwise gone unsold and for which you would have received $0, there is a small success fee for each new customer booking received. When a customer books and pays in advance, an 8% offer marketing fee will be applied to the discounted price of the service. 

Do I need to use Genbook Payments to receive Last Minute Bookings?
Yes. All Last Minute Bookings will be purchased via Genbook Payments with funds deposited directly into your bank account usually within 2-3 business days. Normal Credit Card processing fees of 3.4% + $0.30 will apply to all successful transactions.

What is the cancellation policy for Last Minute Bookings?
Due to the short lead times associated with Last Minute Bookings, Genbook will display the following Cancellation Policy: "By confirming this appointment, you are agreeing that no refunds or exchanges will be made once the appointment is confirmed."  However, you can always choose to reschedule or issue a refund at your discretion, depending on circumstances. Please note that if you issue a refund, Genbook is unable to reverse the offer marketing fee associated with that appointment. In the case of whole or partial refunds, we suggest retaining a portion of the payment as a no-show fee to cover the non-refundable fee paid to Genbook.

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