How does this work?
Simply recommend Genbook to your friends, colleagues, and fellow business owners by sharing your personalized Referral Link by email, Facebook, Twitter, stick it on your blog or website, or however you'd like. When someone signs up via the link, we'll know you sent them. You can earn up to $30 in credit for each business you refer to Genbook. When the business starts paying for a Genbook subscription, we'll apply the credit to your account, and they'll also receive $30 in credit for their subsequent month's subscription. There's no limit to the amount of credit you can earn.

What's the Fine Print?
To qualify for credit, you must use the Referral Tools or your Referral Link to refer friends and colleagues to Genbook. Your referrals must sign up for Genbook using the Referral Link because this is the only way Genbook can track the source of the referral. Referral Program credits do not apply for any accounts that you may have referred prior to the launch of this Program. Genbook reserves the right to terminate the account(s) of any referring customer and/or referred customer for misuse of this program or non-compliance with our usage policies. To collect credits under this Program, your Genbook subscription must be kept active.

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