The Genbook Manager app is equipped with awesome Point of Sale (POS)/Checkout options! Before we dive into these features, make sure you have enabled Payments and connected your Stripe account via the Genbook desktop site.

POS Settings

In the Manager app on your iPhone, tap the gear icon at the top left to access your full Settings menu.

You'll see the Point of Sale settings between "Calendar" and "Feedback". 

Once you tap on that, you'll reveal the options for that feature. 

First, you have the choice of including taxes within your service costs. Enable this if your existing service cost already accounts for tax. The tax will not be added on top of the price listed, but calculated as part of it.

If your service costs don’t include tax, keep this setting off/disabled.

You can also create a number of discounts that can then be applied to individual appointments. Just tap “Discounts” and then the plus sign (+) at the top right of the following screen.

Next, give your new discount a name for easy reference and assign the percentage you’d like it to take off the service price.

Once you hit “Done” at the top right, you’ll then see a list of all the discounts you’ve listed. If you need to delete a discount, swipe left across it and tap the red “Delete” button.

Finally, you can choose whether or not to enable tips.

Enabling tips means that you’ll have the option to let clients leave a tip when they’re checking out.

Now that you’ve set your POS preferences, let’s have a look at the Checkout process. 

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