If you’ve set the Staff Selection feature to allow clients to choose “no preference” when booking appointments, you’re going to love the Staff Preference Indicator! This new feature shows when a client has selected particular staff member for their appointment. This is instead of them choosing “no preference” when making an appointment.

Here's what the pin looks like:

An orange pin to the right of the staff member’s name means the client selected that person for their appointment.

The pin will not appear if:

  • the client selected “no preference”;
  • you moved the appointment to a different staff member than the one selected;
  • the appointment was made offline (made directly in your calendar, by you).

The new feature means you will be able to shift appointments around to other staff members (if need be), as you will know who has been selected by clients and who has been selected randomly. Just another way we’re helping our Genbookers manage their staff and schedule online.

The Staff Preference Indicator is live in the Manager App for both Android and iPhone.

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