You can feature your best or favorite client review on your Scheduling Page, Reviews Page, and in the Genbook App. Here’s how:

In your Reviews tab, check the box beside the review you want to feature. Then, click the blue gear icon at the top left (the same one you’d click if you wanted to publish/unpublish a review) and select “Feature this review” from the dropdown menu.

The review you’ve featured will be tagged with a little orange bookmark, and move to the top of your reviews list.

You can also feature a review from the Manager app. Just tap “Reviews”, then choose the review you wish to feature. Tap the “Featured” icon beside the “Published” slider and you’re all set.

Your favorite review will now always appear as “Featured” at the top of your Customer Reviews. 

Your featured review will also be prominent on the Genbook app your customers use to book from their iPhones and Android devices.

Plus, it’s front and center on the mobile version of the online scheduling site.

 You can change your Featured Review at any time by following the steps above and selecting a new review to feature. You can also, always, simply unfeaturing the current one. 

Pro Tip: Choose a Customer Review that best describes your business and your services. You want to put your best foot forward, as first impressions really do matter! 

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