In most cases, calendar Syncing with Outlook can be done online when you log in with your email address and password at:

To set up an Inbound Sync in Genbook (see your Outlook appointments in your Genbook calendar) follow these steps:

In Outlook

Log into Outlook WebApp

Click through to the Calendar

Right-click on the calendar you want to share, click "Share", then click "Change Publishing Settings"

Copy the URL from the "Link to Subscribing to this Calendar" box

In Genbook

Click Settings > Staff > Your Name > Calendar Syncing

Check the box under the "Inbound" section of your Calendar Syncing page and paste your code in the box.

Save Changes

Genbook refreshes the Inbound Sync about once an hour, so appointments or events you put in Outlook won't show up in Genbook immediately.  

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