INBOUND (Pulling iCal events into Genbook)

You can subscribe to your personal Apple Calendar (aka: iCal) in Genbook, to help avoid missing scheduled items or double booking.

In Genbook, On your Staff page (Settings > Staff > "Staff Name"), click the Calendar Syncing tab.

At the bottom of the page that follows, you'll see an "Inbound" option. Check the box beside "Synchronize your personal appointments...", then paste the URL from your iCal. You can get this link in your iCal on your computer by clicking the icon to the right of the calendar from which you wish to view appointment in Genbook. Highlight and copy the URL.

* Keep in mind, you may only import calendars that were created in iCal, not calendars that were created in other programs (Google Calendar, Outlook, etc.).

When you're done, click the "Save Changes" button.

You can check the sync status underneath this field. It will let you know if it was successful or if the sync failed (do give it a little time to work, especially if you have a lot of events to pull from your iCal).

Appointments and events from your iCal will appear slightly greyed out in Genbook. There will be a "downloaded from cloud" icon at the top right of them.

Reminder: You can add Offline (manual) appointments on top of any external events in Genbook. However, your clients won't see those time slots as available when they visit your scheduling page, so they won't be able to book you at a time when you have an inbound sync event in your Genbook Calendar. It is also impossible to edit any appointments made in your iCal from within your Genbook calendar.

OUTBOUND (Pushing Genbook appointments to iCal):

In Genbook, go to the Settings page, click on the Staff member whose calendar you wish to see in your iCal, and go to “Calendar Syncing”. 

Enable the box for "Synchronize your Genbook appointments..." and select “Use a private URL”. This will show you your private Genbook Calendar URL. (If you’ve shared your calendar with others before and wish to stop sharing, you can generate a new URL.)

Make sure to Save Changes before you attempt to use the link:

In Apple Calendar (iCal), click on File, and then “New Calendar Subscription”.

Paste your Genbook calendar URL in the window that pops up, and click Subscribe

On the last screen, you can change the calendar name, description, color, etc. 

In order to make sure that your calendar is as up to date as possible, we recommend setting the Auto-Refresh rate to “Every 5 minutes”. 

Also, if you do not use iCloud to sync your Apple device Calendars (Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc.), you’ll want to change the Location to “On My Mac”. Otherwise, if you do want your Genbook Calendar subscription to appear on all your iCloud synced devices, choose the “iCloud” Location option.

Your Genbook appointments should then be visible in your iCal!

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