To add a new Offline appointment to your Genbook calendar, just click any open time slot (do not click on any of the words, just in the white/blank space of the time slot). 

An "Add New Appointment" form like the one below will appear, giving you lots of control over the appointment’s length, date and time, even the staff member with whom the appointment is scheduled.

If the appointment fulfills an Offer purchase, you’ll want to enter the Offer ID in that top field. Otherwise, choose a service for the appointment from the second drop-down menu (the one with a wrench icon beside it).  You’ll notice that the service’s duration and cost are automatically populated into the respective fields. If the service you choose is one for which you require customers to enter their addresses, the form will expand to include fields where you can enter address details.

If you need to add a break after the appointment, you can add a "Buffer" by clicking that link and then entering the length of time you'd like to have for cleanup or rest at the end of the appointment.  

You can also choose to make it a "split appointment", meaning you'd have a break/opportunity to take another booking during downtime in the appointment. 

Once you start to enter the client’s name, if he/she is already in your system, you’ll be able to choose the full name and autofill the rest of his/her details.

You can also add a memo to your appointment, which will appear on your Calendar for you and your staff to see (but which won't be displayed to your clients in their confirmation emails).

Once you've entered or selected all the necessary appointment information, click the "Save" button at the bottom right.  

If you need to move an appointment to a different time/date or staff member, you can do so by clicking on it in your calendar, then adjusting whichever element you want to change.

You’ll probably notice that you also have a “Recurring” tab, in which you can make the appointment repeat as needed. For more information on that, check out our article on Recurring Appointments.  

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