Adding your Book Now button to your Wix website takes just a few minutes. For best results, have your Genbook account and Wix Site Editor open in separate tabs of the same browser. Then, follow the steps below.

First, in your Genbook account, go to Settings and scroll down to the bottom. Click on "BookNow button". This will open the page where you can customize your button a bit and copy the code you'll need to paste into Wix to add the button. 

Select the button color and size in the the top section of the BookNow button screen, then highlight and copy the second piece of code you see down toward the bottom of the page. 

Then, in your Wix Editor, click on the "+" / Add button in the left sidebar. 

Choose the "More" option all the way at the bottom of the following menu. Then, click on "HTML iframe" under the Embeds heading. 

Next, click on the gray box that appears (this is where your button will appear). Make sure the Code option is selected for the question "What do you want to add?" and then paste the code you copied from your Genbook account's BookNow Button page into the box provided. Hit "Apply" once you've pasted the code.

Your Book Now button should appear on the page. You can shrink and move the box around it so that it's positioned where you want it to appear on your site. Once you're happy with the location and look, you can use the menu at the very top right of your Wix Editor to preview the page (and click the button to see if it takes you to your online booking page), save your changes, and publish the site with the new changes you made. 

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