Genbook lets you add messages and files to your customer confirmations, to make sending them all the information they need for their appointments easy and hassle-free.  

Confirmation Messages

General Confirmation Messages are included in ALL confirmation emails and on all confirmation screens, regardless of the service booked on the appointment. General confirmation messages can be used to give details about parking, alert customers of general policies and/or thank them for scheduling. These can be set up under Settings > Confirmation Messages.

You can create up to 3 distinct general confirmation messages, which will include a title and a message body. Genbook will include all the confirmation messages you create on the confirmation page of the booking process (the same page that shows clients their Confirmation #s).

Service-Specific Confirmation Messages will be included in confirmation emails and on confirmation screens for appointments that involve a particular service. These can be used to give details about preparing to have a given service performed, policies specific to that service, or any other details customers need to have in relation to a particular service. These are set up on in the “Confirmation Message” section for each service: Settings > Services > [Service Name] > Confirmation Message.

Service-specific confirmation messages do not replace general confirmation messages; they are added to confirmation emails and screens after those general messages, as displayed below. 

Confirmation Attachments

You can also attach files to your Confirmation emails and screens, which customers can then download from either location. Only PDF files can be uploaded and attached to confirmations at this time. As with Confirmation Messages, you also have the ability to add one General attachment (per account) and one Service-Specific attachment (per service).

The General Confirmation Attachment is downloadable from all confirmation screens and attached to all confirmation emails, regardless of the service on the appointment. This can be a form you’d like all clients to fill out, a waiver they must sign, detailed instructions or directions, or another document you’d like all your customers to receive after booking an appointment. General attachments can be uploaded under Settings > Confirmation Attachments.

Service-Specific Confirmation Attachments are displayed on confirmation screens and attached to confirmation emails only when the specific services to which they’re attached are booked. You may attach one PDF file to each service. Service-specific attachments come in handy when you need them to fill out different forms for different types of appointments (e.g. a “new client intake form” for a “New Client” service, or a waiver accepting the risks of a particular service, etc.). These are added in the Services section, under the “Confirmation Attachment” tab of each individual service (Settings > Services > [Service Name] > Confirmation Attachment).

Your customers will be able to view and/or download the PDF attachment(s) from the confirmation screens they see at the end of the booking process.

All confirmation messages and attachments are also included in the Confirmation and Reminder emails your customers receive. 

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