Your team members’ availability is set using the Staff Hours feature. This allows you to specify weekly repeating availability that accounts for individual practitioners’ days off, daily lunch breaks or time doing administrative tasks. 

Staff Hours can only be set via Genbook Web (the full website version). Read below for step-by-step instructions on how to set your staff members' availability. 


Setting Staff Hours

1. To get started with Staff Hours, go to Settings at the top right.

2. Choose Staff on the Settings screen.

3. Click on the name of the provider whose hours you want to change. 

4. From the staff member’s profile, click “Staff Hours”.

On the next page, you’ll see what looks like a mockup of a calendar. 

5. Click on a time slot to change its availability. You’ll see several options, which are defined just above and to the right. 

6. Choose “Away” if the staff member is not working on a certain day of the week or time of day. 

🤓  Pro tip: You can edit multiple time slots by clicking, holding, and dragging downward.

7. Use “Offline” to set staff lunch hours or other breaks, or times they’re at work but not open for appointments. 

These changes save automatically and are reflected in your calendar on a weekly basis, but can be overridden if needed on a date-by-date basis. 🎉 


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