Recurring appointments are essential to a wide array of business types and service providers — from psychotherapists to massage therapists, chiropractors to estheticians, dentists to lawyers. Genbook makes setting up these appointments simple, straightforward and hassle-free.

1. Begin by clicking the “Recurring” tab on the appointment details form

2. Select the type of recurrence you’d like (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Specific Days)  

3. Once you’ve selected a recurrence type, you’ll be able to select the frequency at which you’d like the appointment to recur, from the “Repeats every” drop-down menu 

For Monthly recurrences, you can also choose whether you’d like the appointments to recur on the same day of the the month (ie: the 4th of every month, regardless of day of the week on which it falls) or on the same day of the week (ie: the 1st Friday of every month, regardless of the actual date).

If you selected the Specific Days option, you’ll be able to input the exact dates and times at which you want the appointments repeated.

4. Next, choose either an end date or a number of times for the recurrence

If you only want the appointment to recur a set number of times (between 2 and 12), select the "Number of times" option under "Repeats" and then choose how many times the appointment repeats.

This is especially useful when clients buy service packages — 6 sessions of electrolysis, 8 personal training sessions, etc. — as it allows you to have only as many recurrences as dictated by the package or deal in question.

To have the appointment repeat until a specific end date, you should choose "Until a Date" and then use the calendar to select the date on which the last appointment will take place. You can select an end date as far as 30 months away. (TIP: You must select a date by clicking on it in the calendar provided, not by typing into the field.)

This option will work well for service providers who may need to offer indefinite standing appointments (therapists, for example).

5. Finally, look over the appointment’s recurrence details and be sure to save your changes

A recurring appointment is always denoted by a looped arrow in the upper right corner.

By the way, the setup works the same whether you’re repeating an Offline appointment (input by you in the calendar) or Online one (made by a client via your booking page).

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