The Your Account page is accessed from the top right side of your Genbook screen.

It has important information about your Genbook account, and also allows you to make changes to your login, billing information and more. 

You can change your Genbook plan if your business is expanding and you need to add staff, or if you're downsizing and need to remove some. The “Payment summary” section will show you a list of all your payment dates, as well as when your account is paid through (ie: what your next billing date will be). 

If you need to use a different credit card than the one Genbook has on file, you can easily update that information under “Change your payment details”.

TIP: You'll need to enter your account password in order to update billing details, so if you've forgotten it, reset it before attempting to change payment information.

You can also change your password and/or login email address on the Your Account page. 

Finally, from this same section, you can recommend Genbook to your friends and colleagues, and earn a $30 credit for each of you if they subscribe.  

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