Your Settings page is your gateway to all the customizations and features you need to make Genbook work best for your business. Below is a quick overview of the page and all of your options.


Click below for more on what you can do in Settings, from the Genbook Website and mobile Manager apps.

Genbook Website

Manager mobile app


Genbook Website

At the very top of the page, you'll see (and be able to edit) your business's Scheduling Webpage URL — the address where your customers will find your Genbook scheduling site. You can copy and paste it into your email signatures, text it to customers, share it on social media, and more. You can also use it to make a test appointment, and see exactly what your customers would experience when they book.

Your Business Profile section is where you'll find and edit the basic details of your account. 

This is where you can: 

  • Add and manage your locations, staff and services 
  • Set your operating hours and list your vacations (closed dates). 
  • Customize your booking page with your unique logo and header image. 
  • Set the search categories under which your business appears on the Genbook app and in online searches.

Next up is the Scheduling section, where you will set parameters and rules for your clients' online booking experience. 

From here you can:

  • Collect credit cards, deposits and full payments when clients book. 
  • Set how far in advance clients can see availability, using Appointment Lead Times. 
  • Set exact times or increments at which appointments are offered, with Online Start Times
  • Specify your policy and cutoff for online cancellations
  • Choose whether to display your service providers' names, a "no preference" option, or both, using the Staff Selection feature. 
  • Set up a waitlist
  • Allow or restrict double booking
  • Enable clients to choose multiple services for one appointment. 

Under Communicating, you'll be able to customize the notifications your business and clients receive regarding new appointments. 

In this section you'll be able to:

  • Enable customer reviews and choose how frequently clients get requests to leave one. 
  • Select your reminder types (email, text, both?) and timing.
  • Set up where you'll be notified of new online bookings and changes to appointments, under Business Notifications.  
  • Request additional information from clients during the scheduling process. 
  • Add information to your confirmation emails with up to 3 confirmation messages and one confirmation attachment. 
  • Briefly share news or changes to policies by adding a general announcement to the booking page. 

The Point of Sale section lets you get even more out of our Payments feature. 

Here, you'll have the option to:

  • Collect taxes on service costs. 
  • Create and offer discounts that can be applied at checkout.
  • Sell gift certificates.
  • Set your tip preferences. 

The features under Connecting are all about spreading the word about your Genbook account! 

  • Add a Book Now button to your website and/or your business page on Facebook.
  • Share your amazing reviews, via a reviews button on your site. 
  • Invite clients to book online with you. 
  • Share the Genbook love and earn a $30 credit, through our refer-a-friend program. 

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Manager for iPhone

Business Profile - The basics. 

Here's what you can do here: 

  • Add and manage your staff and services
  • List closed dates (aka vacation days). 
  • Adjust your business details (such as the business name and admin contact details)  
  • Set up your business's locations (if you have more than one). 
  • Enable/disable multi-service appointments. 

Communications - Let your clients know important information by posting an announcement to the top of your booking page. 

Calendar - Settings for your calendar display and the app's interactions with Siri. 

From here you can:

  • Choose whether to start the week on Sunday or Monday.
  • Show today's date at the top of every calendar screen.
  • Save a Siri shortcut for quickly calling up your next Genbook appointment. 

Point of Sale - Sell products, enable gift certificates, and set your taxes, discounts, and tips preferences. 

Last Minute Booking - Allow clients to book and pay upfront for appointments that would otherwise go unfilled. 

Connecting - Spread the word (and the love ❤️ ) about Genbook.

Under Connecting, you can:

  • Refer a friend to Genbook, earning you both $30 if they subscribe
  • Invite your customers to book online with you.
  • Grab and share your unique booking URL easily from your phone. 

Waitlist - Manage your Waitlist settings and the list itself.

Help & Support - Reach out to an expert or help yourself to some of our help articles. 

From Help & Support, you can: 

  • Launch a call, chat, or email to our team of Support and Success experts
  • Brush up on features and find answers in our Help Center
  • Suggest a feature or improvement to our Product team. 

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