What is Offers?
It's an easy, affordable and convenient way to set up and offer promotions for your business. Customers buy your special offer - and schedule it - directly from your own Genbook offer page. Simple and convenient.

How do I create an offer?
Creating an offer is easy with our step-by-step offer-creation wizard. You'll first decide the type of promotion you'd like to offer. You choose the discount value, description, term, quantity and staff. You choose your own promotional web page from the page templates we offer. Once you're happy with how your promotion looks, you can publish and share your offer with existing and future customers across the web.

What happens after I create and publish an offer?
Your new offer will be featured on its own offer webpage, which will include your offer details, your business information, verified customer reviews and a Buy Now button that allows customers to purchase, pay for and schedule their appointment. 

Can I change or cancel my offer once it's published?
You can change some parts of your offer via the offer dashboard. Active offers may be cancelled at any time, but purchases and appointments already made must be honored.

How do I publish and share my offer?
To help your offer succeed, we've included tools to help you spread the word. One-click Facebook and Twitter buttons allow for quick social media sharing, while a unique link to your offer webpage lets you easily include your promotion in your next email newsletter or on your website.

Who can see my offer?
Your offer is available on your own web page, so is available to view by everyone. Your web page visitors can even share your offer with their friends and contacts for the most marketing impact. Your offer will not be visible on your main Genbook scheduling page.

How can I track the success of my offer?
Your offer dashboard includes at-a-glance statistics, including how many people saw your offer, bought it, scheduled it and how much revenue you've earned.

What happens when a customer buys an offer?
Purchasing customers will receive a unique link that will enable them to schedule their offer via a scheduling web page. They will also receive a printable voucher that they can bring to their appointment.

Can customers buy offers as a gift?
Yes. Customers can nominate a gift recipient during the checkout process. This will be indicated on the offer voucher and on the purchase details, accessible via the offer dashboard.

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