How do I get paid?
Customers can purchase your Offers online using a valid Credit Card, and funds will be deposited to your bank account within 2-5 Business Days. To use Genbook Offers, you first need to enable your account for Genbook Payments.

How much does Genbook Offers cost?
It's absolutely free to create, share, and promote a Genbook Offer, and you can create as many as you like. For each offer purchased by a customer, you'll only pay a small flat fee of 5% of the advertised Offer price. For example, if your Offer is purchased for $50 you'll pay a $2.50 fee per Offer sold. It's affordable and success-based marketing for your business.

Can I use Offers without Genbook Payments?
No, all Offer purchases are processed and funds are deposited to your bank account via Genbook Payments. Genbook Payments is free to use and included in your monthly subscription. Any Offer purchases processed via Genbook Payments will also be charged a standard rate of 3.4% +30ยข per successful transaction.

Can I issue refunds for Offers?
Yes. Each Offer Purchase page (accessible via the Offer Dashboard) includes a "Refund customer" link. Refunds may take 5-10 Business Days to appear in the customer's account, cannot be reversed, and may only be completed once per purchase.

A customer claiming an offer does not have a voucher. How can I verify their purchase?
Offer purchases are listed on your offer dashboard page. This will include the names and voucher numbers of every purchase. If a customer does not have a voucher, you can request identification for verification. Alternatively, if a customer calls to schedule, you may request their name and voucher number for verification at that time.

What if a customer presents an expired voucher?
By US law, an offer voucher retains the value of the actual price the purchaser paid once the promotional expiration date has passed. For example, if a purchaser paid $25 to receive a $40 haircut, the voucher is worth $25 even after the expiration date, although you no longer need to honor the $40 promotional value.

How do I resize my image to fit into the template?
The recommended image size is 580px x 295px. You may use a desktop graphics editing application (e.g. Paint) or an online editor to crop and resize images.

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