Your business logo adds a custom touch to your Scheduling Webpage. Before we get into the instructions for adding the logo, here are a few general guidelines for the file and image:

  • Make sure the file is not larger than 50kb.
  • The logo file must in one of the following formats: .jpg, .gif or .png.
  • For best results, the image should have a display size/ratio of 128 x 78 pixels.

1. In your Settings tab, click “Logo”

2. On the Logo page, click “Choose File” to search your computer for the file

3. Locate and select the your logo file

4. Once that file appears on the Logo page, click “Save Changes”

Your business logo should now appear on that screen, as well as on your Scheduling Webpage.

TIP: If you are replacing an old logo with a new one, you may need to refresh your screen or log out and back into your account to see the new logo on that page. However, the logo should immediately be updated on your client-facing Scheduling Webpage.

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