What is Genbook Payments?
An easy and seamless way to collect payments online or in-person. Collect full payments, deposits, and capture credit card details (for later processing) from your customers at the time of booking, or receive in-person payments using the Genbook card reader. Genbook Payments is fully integrated across our platform and works on the Web and on Smartphones.

What is Stripe?
Stripe is a leading online payments company and Genbook's payments solution provider. For any other questions regarding Stripe or your Stripe account, please visit Stripe Support.

What is Square?
Square is a leading online payments company and Genbook's payments solution provider. Square is available only for USA customers at this time. For any other questions regarding Square or your Square account, please visit Square support.

Is Stripe and Square PCI compliant?
Yes. Stripe and Square have been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and both have been certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider, the most stringent level of certification available.

How do I turn on Payments for my services?
First, you will need to enable the Genbook Payments feature and create a Stripe or Square (USA only) account. Once that's done, simply go to each of your Services in Settings and click on the "Collect Payments" tab. You can configure each service separately to require a full payment, a deposit, or capture credit card details.

How can I order a card reader to receive in person payments?
Just call the Genbook team on 844-817-0197, and they will organize your card reader so you can benefit from EMV secure transactions will low processing rates. 

Which Credit Card types can I accept?
U.S. businesses can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club. Canadian businesses can accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

How will I know I received a payment?
All transaction details will be included in your Appointment Notification emails as well as in the relevant bookings in your Calendar. Customers will receive similar details in their Appointment Confirmation emails.

When are funds deposited to my account?
Funds are transferred to your bank account on a 2 business-day rolling basis. Please note that the very first transfer to your bank account may take up to 7 business days to post.

What does it cost?
Genbook Payments is free to use and included in your monthly subscription. There are no setup or monthly fees, no refund fees, no credit card capture or storage fees, and no other hidden fees. Fees are only charged when a customer payment is successfully processed.

Swiped or dipped transactions processed through a Genbook card reader will be charged a 2.7% + 30c fee per successful transaction - Square payments are procesed at 2.6% + 10c.

Online payments processed through Genbook will be charged a 3.4% +30¢ fee per successful transaction via Stripe, and 2.5% + 30c via Square.

How do I enforce a Cancellation Policy?
You can set a Cancellation Policy in Settings > Payments that will be displayed to your customers prior to booking, and capture a credit card to process a Cancellation Fee to enforce it.

How do I handle refunds?
To refund a payment within Genbook, find the booking that you wish to refund, select the Payment tab and then click the blue “Refund” link. Refunds can also be issued from your Stripe Dashboard or via Square. To refund a charge from the dashboard, you can either hover over the charge in the payments overview and click the gray "Refund" link that appears or go to the specific charge page and click on the gray "Refund" button in the upper right. Depending on your customer's bank, the refund will show up anywhere between 5-10 business days later. When you refund a charge, the fees you paid to process the charge are also returned to you.

Can I get a monthly statement from Stripe or Square?

Yes, you can download a monthly summary of your account's activity (including charges, refunds, fees, and any disputes) from your Stripe Dashboard or Square via their app.

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