The "Additional Request" field allows you to ask your clients a custom question and provide them with a free-form box in which to answer it. Maybe you need to know if a client has any allergies or collect a bit of background information as to their health and wellbeing (these are unprecedented times!). For example, a doggie daycare or pet spa may want to know the breed, age, and weight of each pet that is scheduled. 

You can replace the open-ended "Special Request" field on the scheduling page with one that asks for specific information.

1. Go to Settings

2. Select Additional Requests

You can prompt your clients to enter the details you need from them. It’s up to you whether you ask a general question or have them list several pieces of information. You can even require that they fill in the field or make it optional. (Keep in mind that requiring them to enter something in the space isn’t a guarantee that what they enter will be correct.)

The booking process will ask the client to respond to the request prompt you enter

When an appointment is received you will see the client's answer in the appointment's details

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