To ensure clients don't book you in your personal time, you can sync all Google calendar events into your Genbook calendar. This way you have more control over your day. You can also view Genbook appointments in your Google Calendar. 

Before we get started with the sync, log in to your Genbook account and your Google Calendar account (preferably in two different tabs of the same browser window).

Click below to view detailed instructions for each sync option:

Inbound (Pull Google Calendar events into Genbook Calendar) 

Outbound (Push Genbook appointments to Google Calendar)



1. In Genbook, click Settings in the top right 

2. Select Staff under the Business Profile section

3. Click the name of the staff member whose sync you want to set up. 

4. Click "Calendar syncing" 

5. Switch over to your Google Calendar. In Google Calendar's left sidebar, click the three dots beside the name of the calendar to which you want to subscribe in Genbook. Then, choose "Settings and Sharing". 

6. On the next screen, click "Integrate Calendar" and then highlight and copy the full text under "Secret Address in iCal Format"

7. Back in Genbook, under the “Inbound" heading, check the box beside “Synchronize your personal appointments..." and paste the URL you copied from Google Calendar into the open field below. Don't forget to save your changes!

Your inbound subscription is now active. 🎉

Once the initial sync is complete, you will see your Google Calendar events appear in your Genbook calendar as a light grey overlay with the "download from the cloud" icon on the top right.  

Clients will not be able to book you during times that have events from an imported calendar.

🤓 Pro tip: Changes you make in Google Calendar will update your Genbook calendar about every 3 hours.

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1. In Genbook, click Settings in the top right

2. Select "Staff" under the Business Profile section

3. Click the name of the staff member whose calendar you want to sync

4. Click on "Calendar syncing" 

5. Under the “Outbound..." heading, check the box beside "Synchronize your Genbook appointments..." Then, choose the "Use a private URL" option. Click "Save Changes" after you've generated the URL (or if you generate a new URL at any point), before you try to subscribe to the calendar. This step is very important because it locks the URL that’s associated with this calendar.

6. Highlight and copy the URL after you've saved the new Outbound sync setting.

7. Then, in your Google Calendar, click the ‘+’ icon 

8. Select "From URL" from the resulting dropdown menu

9. Paste the calendar URL you copied from Genbook, in the space provided on the next page. Then, click the "Add calendar" button and hit the back button in the top left of the page to return to the calendar. 

Within a few moments, the subscription to your Genbook calendar and your Genbook appointments should appear on your Google calendar. 🎉 

🤓 Pro tip: Changes you make to your Genbook calendar may take a few hours to update in Google, as the feed is refreshed periodically throughout the day.

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