Connect your Genbook account to Instagram in just a few steps and take bookings direct from your Instagram marketing efforts. Adding a ‘Book' button to your business profile makes booking appointments a more seamless experience for you and your clients. Adding this integration also allows you to add 'Book Now' call-to-actions to your social media posts when you select 'Get bookings'.

How to get started:

  • If you haven't already, create an Instagram account for your business.
  • Convert your Instagram account to a business profile. Learn how. 

Once you have a Business profile, take the following steps:

1. On your Instagram profile, tap “Edit Profile."

2. Select the “Contact Options” section. 

3. Tap "Add an action button"

4. Select *Genbook BookNow! Application* from the list on the next screen and hit "Next" at the bottom.

5. Enter your Genbook login information when prompted, and tap "Connect".
6. (If relevant) Select the location(s) whose booking you want to link to Instagram, then tap "Finish".

That's it — your clients can now book with you using the 'Book' button on your Instagram business profile!

Some of the other benefits of connecting include: 

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