Genbook appointment booking is now available directly from your Instagram business profile! Customers use Instagram to visually discover products & services with over 200 million people visiting a business profile each day. Adding a ‘Book' button to your business profile makes this a more seamless experience.

How to get started:

  • If you haven't already, create an Instagram account for your business.
  • Convert your Instagram account to a business profile. Learn how. 
  • Go to your Instagram profile on your mobile phone, tap “Edit Profile."

  • Select the “Contact Options” section. 
  • Tap the option to “Add an action button.”

  • Scroll down the list, tap “Genbook”.
  • Add your Scheduling Web page URL, then tap "Done". You can find your Scheduling Web page URL from your account Settings in Genbook.

That's it — your customer can now book with you using the 'Book" button on your Instagram business profile!

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