If you're encountering performance issues with Genbook, one of the first things you may want to try is clearing your web browser's cache.  It's also one of the first things our Customer Care & Success heroes might suggest if you reach out to us about certain issues. 

The browser cache is where your browser — aka: the program or application you use to access the web; Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Explorer are the most popular browsers — temporarily stores Internet files that it downloads whenever you visit a website. Sometimes, though, something stored in your cache could interfere with a website's or application's functionality.

Clearing your cache may help in a lot of situations, but we'll highlight a few we've seen frequently among our users. 

  • You recently changed your Genbook login and the new one isn't working. 

  • Your Genbook calendar doesn't look quite right when you log in. It could be blank, the alignment might be off, or something else might be happening. 

  • Searches aren't working as they should.

  • The calendar opens to a date other than the present one. 

  • You're seeing a bunch of code instead of graphics/images/the correct format and words on a page in your Genbook account. 

  • You see an error page when you go to our website (genbook.com).  

Clearing cache is a bit different in every browser, and between desktop and mobile browsers. There are many step-by-step guides out there for how to get the job done, but we like Indiana University's because it's updated frequently. If you're looking for one that includes screenshots, then check out the ones on Whatismybrowser or Lifewire

But, wait...before you can clear your cache, you'll need to know which browser (and which version of that browser) you're using. The site http://whatbrowser.org/ will give that info (as will whatismybrowser.com).

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