Our multi-service appointments feature let your clients book more than one service at a time when scheduling with you. Perfect for businesses whose clients often have two or three services performed during a visit.  

To get started, you'll first need to enable the feature. Click on "Multiple Service Appointment" in Settings, under the "Scheduling" heading. 

On the next screen, toggle the button next to "Enable Multi-service..." to ON (blue). 

Once that's turned on, clients will see options for selecting more than one service on the online booking page. 

Each service selected will be numbered based on the order in which they pick it, and that will be the order of the services in your calendar. 

If both services they select are only performed by one staff member, they'll move directly to the time/date selection screen. They'll see the two services listed in the order they'll be preformed.  

If there are multiple staff from which to choose, they'll need to select one for each of the services they want to book. Staff will be numbered and correspond with the service numbers. 

When booking with two staff members, they'll only be shown times that work for both staff, in the order they're selected.  

Finally, for both single-staff and multi-staff appointments, they'll enter their details and confirm their appointments by clicking the blue Book button on the final screen of the process. The confirmation screen will then list all of their services, along with which staff is performing which, as well as the date, time, and other details of the appointment.

Clients then receive a confirmation email shortly after they've booked. Each service has its own Reference Number, as each is technically its own appointment (which is useful if you need to shift one service out of the two or three that have been booked). 

Businesses and staff also receive notification emails (if these are enabled), detailing the services and other details of the appointment. 

In your calendar, the appointments will look much like single-service appointments, except that they'll be numbered and indicate how many total appointments there are from that one booking session. 

: Payments on multi-service appointments must be charged and refunded separately, as each one is technically a unique appointment in its own right.


Genbook Manager for iOS


Genbook Manager for Android

You can enable multi-service appointments from your Genbook Manager using the following steps:

1. Go to Settings
2. View your Business Profile

3. Select Multi-Service Appointments
4. Toggle the switch to On and you're done! Now your customers can book up to 3 consecutive services with you. Use the back arrow to continue using the Manager app

When customers schedule a multi-service appointment with you there will be a notification in your Inbox, which is located near the bottom of the calendar screen. Each service will have its own appointment and is listed as 1 or 2 out of 2, for example.

When viewed in the calendar, each appointment will have its multi-service number in its appointment box, as well. Tapping on one of the appointment will show its details, let you know it is a multi-service booking, and let you quickly view any other appointments in the multi-service booking. In the example below you would tap on "Appt 2" to view the second service selected.

Genbook Customers can easily book multi-service appointments from the Genbook customer app by following these steps:

1. Once on the business scheduling page, enable a multi-service appointment
2. If needed, the multi-service booking process can also be disabled

3. The first appointment can be selected by tapping on a service. A '1' will appear next to it to signify it is the first service in a multi-service appointment
4. Next, tap on the second desired service. A '2' will appear next to it. Progress to the next step by choosing 'Select Staff'

5. A list of available staff for the first service are listed. Select the desired staff member.
6. A staff member who provides the second service can now be chosen from the list

7. Each service and selected staff member will be listed, and a calendar will be shown to select a date for the appointment
8. Choose a time to start the multi-service appointment. They will automatically be scheduled back to back

9. Enter the required contact information and select Continue
10. A summary of the appointment including each service and selected staff, date, time, and cost will be shown, along with the information entered by the customer. If everything looks correct then finalize the booking by tapping on 'Confirm Appointment'

11. The Genbook customer app will track bookings for clients, including multi-service appointments. A client can access their upcoming and past appointments by first opening the app menu, located in the top left
12. From the Genbook menu tap on Bookings. The multi-service appointment will be identified.

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