Keep your customers in the know about important information using the bulletin-style Announcement feature! 

Whether you want your customers to know that you've recently moved location, you're running a special promotion or that they should call you for extra availability, there are countless uses for the Announcement. 


Read on for instructions...

From the Genbook Website
From Manager app for iPhone 


From the Website

1. Click "Settings" at the top right

2. Choose "General Announcements" under Communicating

3. Toggle "Show Announcement" ON and start typing a Title and Description for your announcement. 

4. (Optional) Set a time frame for when your announcement will be displayed. 

5. Save changes and you're done! 🎉 

Your announcement will now be published at the top of the online booking site.

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From the iPhone App

1. Tap Settings (hamburger at the top left).
2. Tap Communications.

3. Tap Announcement.
4. Toggle Show Announcement ON and start typing your announcement's Title and Description.

5. (Optional) Set a time for displaying your announcement if you wish.
6. Save your changes at the top right of the screen when finished. 

All set! 🎉 Your booking site's landing page will now display your message to clients.

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