Use your powerful POS tool set to take control over each part of your checkout process by customizing them for your business. 

You have the options to add a pre-set discount list, turn tip options on and off, and set your tax percentage by services and/ or products! To start using these features you'll need to make sure you've turned on 'Payments' within your account.


Click below for detailed instructions for how to set up these options 

Genbook Desktop (Website)

Genbook Manager for iPhone


Genbook Desktop

1. Start by clicking Settings at the top right.

2. Then click through these sets of steps:


1. Click Taxes under "Point of Sale (POS)"

1. Toggle Taxes 'On' and "Off' for services, products, or both.
2. Set the percentages based on your local tax rates.
3. Choose whether to include or exclude the tax rate in your prices (Hint: In most cases, you'll want to exclude the tax percentage, so that it's calculated on your prices, not within your prices.
4. Save changes. 


1. Click "Tips" in the "Point of Sale (POS)" section. 

2. Toggle "Enable tips" ON and save your changes. 


1, Choose "Discounts under "Point of Sale (POS)". 

2. Give your discount a name and set the percentage it will remove from the cost of service. Save your changes! 

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Genbook Manager for iPhone

1. Tap the Settings menu at the top left.
2. Tap Payments

From there, follow the steps below for what you need to set:


  1. Tap Taxes

  2. Toggle on taxes for services, products, or both then enter your tax rates. 

Taxes in Checkout

You'll see the tax amount, based on the percentage you set, applied to the products, services, or both (again, depending on your settings). In this example, we have a $1.05 tax on the $15 product, based on a product tax rate of 7%. 


  1. Tap Tips

  2. Slide "Enable tips" on

Tips in Checkout

The option to apply a tip amount appears on first screen of the Checkout process, with the ability to let your clients select from 10%, 15%, 20% or manually enter a different amount. The tip amount is then listed at the bottom


  1. Tap Discounts

  2. Tap the plus (+) symbol

  1. On the next screen, enter a discount name, discount amount, and save 

  2. You'll then see your discount listed on the Discounts page. 

Discounts in Checkout

  1. Tap "Add" beside "Discount" at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Select the discount (you'll see the name and the percentage).

You'll then see the discounted percentage removed on the next screen. In the instance below, we have an $18.00 service, discounted by a 25% "Birthday Month" discount, resulting in a $13.50 cost. 

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Genbook Manager for Android

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