Your business settings and operating hours, or availability, frame your schedule and let clients know the days of the week and times of day your business is open. They are quick to set or change, and can be edited from our full website or using the Genbook Manager app which you can download free for iPhone or Android


Click below for step-by-step instructions for setting your hours from any device, then check out some tips on setting more custom availability. 

Genbook Website

Manager app for iPhone

Manager app for Android

Pro tips for customizing availability


From Genbook Desktop (web browser)

1. Click 'Settings' at the top of the page

2. Click Operating Hours

3. Select the location you're editing and set the hours your business is open there. Make sure to click Save when finished

That's all! 🎉 The hours you've just set will appear on your online scheduling page under the Contact tab.

In your calendar, time slots before and after your open hours will have a "Closed" overlay. 

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From iPhone

1. Tap Settings at the top left
2. Tap "Business Profile"

3. Tap "Locations"
4. Select the location you wish to edit

5. Tap "Operating Hours"
6. Select the day of the week you wish to edit. 

7. Edit the availability for that day of the week. TAP to toggle the on/off, choose the time you open, then the time by which your last appointment must end.
8. When you're happy with your settings, hit "Save" at the top right.

Nice work! 🎉 Your operating hours should now reflect your changes. 

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From Android

1. Tap the Settings gear at the top left
2. Tap "Business Profile"

3. Select "Locations"
4. Choose the location you wish to edit. 

5. Choose Operating Hours
6. Select the day of the week you wish to edit.

7. Choose when you want to start or end the day by tapping
8. Adjust that day's times as follows:

  1. Toggle "Open for business" on/off if needed. 

  2. Choose an opening time by tapping the "Start the day at" and tapping on your desired opening hour, choosing OK, then the same for minutes.

  3. Choose a closing time by doing the same for "End the day at".

  4. Hit the checkmark at the top right to save your changes.

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🤓 Pro tips for customizing availability


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