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Genbook Payments lets you capture, process and store client payment information safely. You can also capture payment information to process using your preferred method to maximize your revenue.

With Payments enabled, you can easily and securely request and store all client credit cards against their client record, charge for appointments, charge deposits, sell products/retail, and offer gift certificates.

Genbook partners with both Stripe and Square — two trusted leaders in the online payments space. You can do everything you need to, right from the convenience of your Genbook account.


FIRST, you'll need to enable payments and choose a processor. Click below for instructions.

Set up Genbook Payments with Square
Set up Genbook Payments with Stripe


NEXT, read on for instructions on how to:

Capture credit card details

Set and enforce a Cancellation Policy

Collect payments when clients book

Require credit cards from specific clients


FINALLY, read up on performing:

Checkout and Refunds using Stripe

Checkout and Refunds using Square



Capturing Credit Cards

1. Choose "Turn Credit Card Capture on for All Services" if you want card info required for all online bookings.

2. Or, select "Always require Credit Card from new clients" to require credit cards only from those not already in your Customers list. 

🤓 Pro tip: The "all services" option applies only to EXISTING services. So whenever you add a new service, you'll want to go to its individual "Collect Payments" screen and set the requirement. 

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Cancellation Policy

Enter the cancellation penalty and specify your late cancellation fee as a percentage of your service fee. It will apply to all services.

At the bottom of the payments page you can also add a message that will appear during the payment entry portion of the online booking process.

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Collecting Payments Upfront 

1. Navigate to Settings at the top right of the screen 

2. Choose Services

3. Select the service for which you want to collect a deposit

4. Click "Collect Payments"

5. Set your upfront payment requirements as follows:

  1. Check the box beside "Require payment in advance"

  2. Choose whether you'd like clients to pay the full service fee or a deposit (partial payment) when they book. If you choose Deposit, specify the amount.

  3. Save changes. 

Clients booking this service online will have to pay the amount you specified.

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Requiring credit cards from specific clients

1. Click Customers at the top of the screen. Use the search bar to filter to the client you want to require a card from, then click on their name.

2. Click "Details" and scroll to the bottom. Check the box to always a require credit card, then save changes.

The client you've just edited will now be asked to input their card details whenever they book online with you.

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