The Favorite rating is one of the best features of the Genbook app. It lets existing and new customers see how loved your business is and helps build your reputation.

Here’s how it works:

When a customer downloads the Genbook app and logs in (or creates an account) with the email address they used to book, your business is automatically added to their Favorites list. And your Favorite rating shoots up! Customers who haven’t booked with you before (or haven’t booked with you via Genbook yet) can still add your business to their Favorites by clicking the heart icon on your business profile.

Once your business is in a customer’s Favorites list, they’ll be able to easily find and book their next appointment with just a few taps.

When new and potential customers find your business in local searches on the Genbook app, your Favorite rating will be among the first things they see. Along with your star rating and the number of Verified Customer Reviews your business has, this helps indicate to newcomers how amazing your business is, and gives them even more reason to book with you.

The more customers download the Genbook app, the more Favorites your business will have.

So, check out the app yourself, and recommend it to all your customers. It makes booking, managing and even rescheduling appointments a breeze, and connects you with your customers with your business like never before.

Your Favorite rating will also appear on the desktop and mobile browser versions of your Scheduling Webpage.

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