While the business landscape continues to change and we all try to work within the current regulations for our region, there are a lot of moving pieces to manage.

Working to bring in as much revenue as possible while at the same time trying to keeping yourself, those around you, and your clients safe is no small task. Things that might help bring in extra revenue or help keep you and your clients safer might be easily missed - saving you some valuable energy trying to think of everything and handle this all yourself.

This is why Genbook has created the COVID Business Revenue and Safety Health Check, a self assessment and guide to optimize small businesses in hair, beauty, wellness and personal services.

What you get from taking the health check is a personalized, easy to implement, action plan.

Personalized, Easy-to-Implement Action Plan

To be successful during this crisis, you need a personalized, easy-to-implement action plan that’s tailored to help you operate and manage your business with more confidence and maximize revenue potential.

The business health check takes into account various scenarios and provides you with advice that’s not generic but one that’s exclusive to your personal service business.

Health Check Completion Trust Badge

The business health check completion badge is a seal of approval to help you build trust with your clients. Taking measures and investing time to evaluate your business at each level and ensuring that your approach is safe for your employees, your clients and yourself is a big feat and should be rewarded.

Don't take our word for it!

Take the COVID Business Revenue and Safety Health Check

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