We've put together a quick guide on actions your business may need or choose to take, to meet the changing challenges and requirements of the COVID-19 crisis head-on. 

Below, we'll guide you through a few useful features and settings


Set appointment lead-times or add a buffer for sanitization and social-distancing

You can space-out clients to ensure your business does not have more than the appropriate number of people in one spot, and this features ensures your schedule is maximized and your clients don't wait for their appointments.

Communicate your policies to your clients who will want more information on whether your business is operating, and the conditions (if any) behind your operations. You can even link out to another site (like an online store where you're currently selling products). 

💰  Offer gift certificates

Get income now by offering clients the option of purchasing packages or purchasing services now as gift certificates to be used later (or as a donation)

Ask key questions at the time of booking which is stored against your client's record (protecting your business!)

Ask your clients if they are unwell, or add any other information you require as they book, or in their confirmations messages. 

💳 Take deposits on future bookings, enable contactless payments!

Get income now by taking % deposits at the time of booking. You could do this for just new clients or for all clients. Alternatively process any payment the way you wish, by collection payment information securely (it is FREE to capture a credit card and it is contactless!)

🔔Enable a Waitlist to maximize your schedule

Enable the Waitlist feature, add your clients to the Waitlist and as soon as you are open, your clients will be notified. Or enable the feature to fill your schedule in case of a reschedule or cancellation.

🔒 List your business as "closed" for a period of time 

You can prevent clients from booking if you are closed and maximize your schedule for when you re-open.

🚫 Turn off online bookings

While we don't recommend you do this as you can update your availability instead, if you truly want to be un-bookable online, follow the link above to see steps to take.


List your Business as Closed

🔒Give your clients the option to book out later in the year, you can list your business as closed for a several weeks or more, using Genbook's Closed Dates feature. 

Click below for step-by-step instructions:

💻 From the Genbook Website

📱 From your iPhone

📱 From your Android

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Make an Announcement on your Booking Page

Click below for quick instructions on setting up an announcement:

💻 From the Genbook Website

📱 From your iPhone

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Offer Gift Certificates

💰 We know face-to-face client appointments are the backbone of your business, and not being able to see clients in person means losing revenue. One way we've seen lots of businesses recoup at least some of that loss is by giving their clients the option to buy gift certificates.

Genbook has a built-in feature for selling gift certificates right on your scheduling page. Here are a few fast facts:

  • Clients can choose any amount
  • They can purchase it for themselves or someone else
  • Clients get an instant email with a PDF attachment of the gift certificate
  • You see the purchase, amount, and GC code listed in your Genbook account right away
  • Money gets added to your Stripe account right away

Note: You must turn on Genbook Payments, before you can start selling gift certificates. Instructions for turning on Genbook Payments 

➡️ Click for full details and instructions on selling gift certificates

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Take Deposits on Future Bookings

💻 From the Genbook Website

  1. To get started, set up Genbook Payments
  2. Then, set up deposits per service 

💳 Service-specific deposits

To configure Payments on a service-by-service basis, go to Settings > Services > [Service Title] > Collect Payments. For each service, you can collect a full payment or a deposit in advance, or capture Credit Card details for later processing. (Note: if you collect a deposit from a customer, you will be able to charge an additional payment from the relevant appointment in your Calendar, as long as the deposit is less than the full listed cost of the service). 

In the example above, we have chosen to require a $10 deposit on all appointments for the $140 "90 Minute Massage" service. Here's what a customer would see when he reaches the payment page:

The customer will then see the payment information on the Confirmation screen, along with the other appointment details.

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Turn off Online Booking

🚫 We don't recommend you turn off online bookings completely (you can adjust your availability instead, and still maximize your schedule for after this pandemic passes). But, in case you need to do it, there's an easy way. 

💻 From the Genbook Website

1. Click Settings at the top right.

2. Click Locations

3. Click each location name and toggle the button beside "Enable online booking" OFF (grey).

📱 From the Manager app on iPhone and Android

1. Tap the Settings icon at the top left
2. Tap "Business Profile"

3. Tap "Locations"
4. Tap the location name

5. Tap the button beside "Enable online booking" if it is purple (ON) to turn bookings OFF (grey). 

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Need help or have questions? Our support team is here for you. Click the message bubble below to chat with us. 


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