You have the option to add double or overlapping appointments to your Calendar at any given time, using our Double Appointments feature. 


Click below to learn how to double book from the Genbook Website and Manager apps for iPhone and Android. 

Genbook Website

Manager app for iPhone

Manager app for Android


Genbook Website

1. To use this feature, you must first turn it on under Settings > Double Booking 

2. Check the box beside "Enable double booking and then save your changes. 

Once this feature is turned on, scheduling a second appointment at a time that overlaps an existing appointment is easy.

1. Click any open time slot close to the existing appointment.
2. Select a service as usual, then use the time drop-down menu to select the time at which the customer wants to schedule. You should see the time available, even if an existing appointment already covers it.
3. Once you select the time, a "Double booking" flag will will alert you that you're choosing to book a time when you already have an appointment (just in case in you didn't mean to).

4. Continue the booking process by filling in your customer’s details and saving your new appointment. 

5. The two appointments should show up beside each other in the same column, as in the example below and the one at the top of the page (for appointments where the start time are staggered).

Note: Double Appointments can only be made Offline, by you, directly in your Calendar. So you never have to worry about a client double booking you at a time where you don't want a second appointment.

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Genbook Manager for iOS

1. Tap the plus (+) to add a new appointment.
2. Enter appointment details and set it to overlap with an existing booking. Tap Done at the top right.

3.  On the Appointment Details, you'll see an alert that this is a "Double booking".
4. In your Calendar, this appointment will show up side-by-side with the one that was already there. 

Note: Clients cannot make double bookings. Once an appointment is booked in your calendar, you're the only one who can put another booking alongside it. 

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Genbook Manager for Android

While it is not possible to enable or disable the double booking feature from the Genbook Manager, you can still utilize it to book two appointments that overlap the same time span. Simply use the "+" button to make a new appointment or move an existing appointment to the desired time, and the resulting bookings will each take up half of the calendar column. A double appointment's details will also note that it forms a double booking.

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