If you need a bit of time between appointments — for cleanup, santization, or to check out clients or just to take a breather — Genbook's Buffer feature has you covered. In this article, we'll walk you through creating a Buffer using the Genbook Website, and Manager app for iPhone and Android.


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Genbook Website

Genbook Manager for iPhone

Genbook Manager for Android


Genbook Website

Adding a Buffer to a Service

1. Click Settings (top right of your screen).
2. Click Services
3. Choose the service to which you want to add a Buffer.
4. Towards the bottom of the page, check the box beside "Add Buffer", and fill in the amount of time you need at the end of appointments for that service. Remember to save your changes.

5. Once you've added a Buffer to a service, all new appointments for that service will have that extra time tacked on at the end. 

In the above example, we added a 15-minute Buffer to the 60-minute service "Deep Tissue Massage". When "Janice Kelly" booked that service, 15 minutes was added to the end of the appointment in the business's calendar, but on Janice's end the appointment is still only 60 minutes long.

Adding a Buffer to an appointment

1. On the "Add New Appointment" or "Edit appointment" form, click the up arrow beside "Add Buffer". 

2. Then, just enter the length of the Buffer when prompted, and save your changes.

The appointment you've just added or edited should now have a Buffer on it.

🤓 Pro tip: To remove a Buffer, simply change the buffer length to 00:00 in the booking's Advanced tab.

The appointment will then only be as long as the service's duration.

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Genbook Manager for iPhone

Adding a Buffer to a service

1. Tap Settings
2. Tap Business Profile

3. Tap Services
4. Select the service to which you want to add a Buffer.

5. Tap Buffer and select the buffer length (aka: amount of time you need after an appointment for this service). Remember to hit Save at the top right when finished.  
6. Appointments for that service will have now have the Buffer you set tacked on to the end of them.

Adding a Buffer to an Existing Appointment

1. Tap the appointment in your Calendar.
2. Tap Edit at the top right

3. Tap Buffer and enter the buffer amount. Tap "Save" at the top right.
4. Your buffer will be added to the appointment in the calendar. 

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Genbook Manager for Android

Adding a buffer to a service

1. Go to Settings
2. Select Business Profile

3. Select Services
4. Tap on a service name or create a new service. Here we will select the 60 Minute Massage service.

5. In the service's details, tap on the buffer option
6. Enter the desired buffer time and select Save

7. Save changes by tapping the check mark at the top
8. Now when you book an appointment for this service its duration will automatically include the buffer time at the end of the booking

Adding a buffer to a booking

1. Tap on a booking or create a new booking
2. For a new booking you have the choice to select a buffer duration, but for an existing booking you will need to tap on the 'edit appointment' button near the top to access the buffer selection

3. Tap on Buffer
4. Set the desired buffer time and choose Save

5. Tap on the check mark in the top right of the screen to save the booking changes
6. The calendar will now display the booking with the added buffer time

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