With Genbook's smart and simple online solution, you can create services and book appointments as short as 5 or 10 minutes in length, and also set appointment start times to those short intervals.  

In your service settings

In order to take 5- or 10-minute appointments, you first need to create services with those durations, under the Settings (gear icon at the top right) > Services.

When adding a new service, simply make the duration 5 minutes or 10 minutes. 

In your Online Start Times

If your business ONLY takes short appointments, or if you're looking to offer the highest number appointment time options to clients, you can make your Online Start Time intervals as small as "every 5 minutes" (Settings gear > Online Start Times).

You also have the option to set exact start times using the Manual mode, and the choice of start times at 5 minute increments.  

The exact start times or intervals you set are reflected on the online scheduling page, and the Genbook app your clients can use to book on the go. Here's what clients might see if you set your start time increments to “every 5 minutes”:

In your Calendar

If you're booking 5- and 10-minute appointments, you'll want to set your Calendar size to the "Large" size option. The Small and Medium views won't display client names on those very short appointments, so it can be difficult to see who's on your schedule at a glance.

The Large view displays the name of the client, along with icons that give you extra information about the appointment. For example, you’ll see a dark circle beside the names of clients who booked their appointments online (via the booking form), a paper icon to indicate a Memo and a text bubble to indicate a customer request on the appointment. along with the icons that denote a memo or a customer request, and if the appointment is “new”.

You’ll also be able to move appointments by dragging and dropping them to a different time slot or staff member.

If you're using Medium calendar size, you’ll need to hover or mouse over a short appointment in order to see the client details.

To edit an appointment in the Medium view, click on it. Then, in the “Edit Appointment” window, make and save your changes. (TIP: If the time you're looking for isn’t listed in the drop-down, you can always type it in manually.)

Because Blocks are just empty appointments, you can also shorter-duration blocks anywhere in your Calendar. 

You can create one by clicking an open time slot as though you're going to add a new appointment, adjusting only the length and the date and time (leaving the service and client details blank), then clicking Save.

You can also click the “block” button elsewhere in your Calendar, shrink that block by clicking and dragging its top or bottom line, then drag and drop it elsewhere if that's easier.

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