Your team members’ availability is set using the Staff Hours feature. This allows you to specify weekly repeating availability that accounts for individual practitioners’ days off, daily lunch breaks or time doing administrative tasks. We'll cover how to set up these hours using the Genbook Website and the Manager app for iPhone and Android.


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Genbook Website

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1. To get started with Staff Hours, go to Settings at the top right.

2. Choose Staff on the Settings screen.

3. Click on the name of the provider whose hours you want to change. 

4. From the staff member’s profile, click “Staff Hours”.

5. Choose which location you want to adjust the staff member's schedule for

Below the location selection you will see what looks like a mockup of a calendar. 

6. Click on a time slot to change its availability. You’ll see several options, which are defined just above and to the right. 

7. Choose “Away” if the staff member is not working on a certain day of the week or time of day. 

🤓  Pro tip: You can edit multiple time slots by clicking, holding, and dragging

8. Use “Offline” to set staff lunch hours or other breaks, or times they’re at work but not open for appointments. 

These changes save automatically and are reflected in your calendar on a weekly basis, but can be overridden if needed on a date-by-date basis. 🎉 

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1. Tap Settings at the top left.
2. Tap Business Profile

3. Tap Staff
4. Select the staff member you want to edit.

5. Tap Staff Hours on the staff member's profile
6. If you have multiple locations, tap the location name at the top to select which one you'd like to edit hours for.

7. Tap on a time slot then select "Away" or "Offline" to make the staff member unavailable for booking. Away and Online function the same, but you can use them differently. Here's what we recommend:

  • Use Offline to indicate when the staff member is at the business but not taking appointments, such as during lunch hours or when they are working on another aspect of the business.

  • Use Away to indicate weekly days off

You can use the arrows to expand the Offline or Away block up or down. 

8. Make sure you tap Save at the top right when finished. Unlike the Desktop version, Staff Hours don't save automatically via the Manager app. 

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1.  Go to Settings
2. Select Business Profile

3. Select Staff in the Business Profile section
4. Choose the staff member whose availability you want to adjust

5. If you have multiple locations, tap the location at the top of the screen and choose the location where you want to adjust the staff member's availability
6. Tap on a time cell and change the availability to Away or Offline to block off that time for all future weeks in the schedule. The Online designation makes a time available for scheduling. Press the check to save changes.

🤓 Pro tip: Press and hold on an availability, then drag up or down to copy that availability onto adjacent time cells

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