You can easily close your business for vacations and holidays, using Genbook's Closed Dates feature. Set this up from the Genbook website, or the Manager app from iPhone or Android.


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Genbook Website

Manager for iPhone

Manager for Android



1. Click on Settings in the top right of your page

2. Select Closed Dates

3. Enter the range of dates you want to close off on the calendar, and add a description if you would like clients to see why you are closed on those days. Click Click "Add" to finish adding the closed date(s). ( 🤓  Pro tip: Select the date range by clicking the calendar icon and choosing dates from the drop-down calendar, instead of typing the dates.)

4. Your resulting Closed Date(s) will appear in the list.

Closed dates will also appear on your scheduling page for the client to see

Closed Dates are also handy if you’ve set up your account, but your business isn't open yet, and you only want people to be able to book beginning with a certain future date. Or, if you run a seasonal business and only take appointments during certain times of the year. 

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1. Tap Settings
2. Select Business Profile.

3. Choose "Closed Dates"
4. Tap the plus (+) to add a new closed date or range of dates.

5. Enter a brief description of the reason for the closed date(s), which your clients will see.
6. Choose a start and end date, then tap Save at the top right.

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1. Go to Settings
2. Select Business Profile

3. Select Closed Dates
4. Press the "+" button in the bottom right to add a new Closed Date

5. Enter a description for the Closed Date that will be visible to clients on your scheduling page
6.Choose a start and end date to the closure, then tap the check to save

7. Your new Closed Date will appear in the list along with any other Closed Dates
8. To delete a Closed Date simply select it from the list and use the trash icon

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