Genbook makes it easy to open up or scale back availability on the fly and account for last-minute changes, without disrupting your weekly schedule. All you need to do is use our in-calendar availability override. In this article, we'll take you through the process using the Genbook Website and the Manager app for iPhone and Android.

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First, hover over any time slot in the calendar to change its availability. 

1. If the time slot is Away or Offline (aka: unavailable for booking), click "Online" to open it up. 

2. If the time slot is open/available and you need it to be unavailable, hover and click "Offline" or "Away" so clients won't see it as an option for booking.

3. You can even override Closed times directly in your calendar, without having them affect your Operating Hours. Just hover over a "Closed" time slot and click "Online".

These changes appear immediately and save automatically in your calendar. And you can always undo them by hovering and choosing a different status, if you've made a mistake or your availability changes.

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1. To make an open time slot unavailable, first press it (tap and hold).
2. Choose either Offline or Away

3. To open up a Closed (or Offline or Away) time slot, press (tap and hold it).
4. Tap the "Online" option.

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1. Press and hold any space in your calendar. If the space is already open and available (Online) then you can turn off its availability selecting Offline or Away.

2. To open up an Away, Offline, or Closed time slot, press and hold on it then select Online

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