To help your business reduce no-shows and keep your busy clients up to date with upcoming appointments, Genbook lets you send automated appointment reminders by both email and text message (SMS). 

Click below to learn more about setting up reminders and see how they look to your clients. 

Enabling Reminders  ✅ 

Reminder examples  👀 


Enabling reminders

Customer reminders can only be enabled from the Settings section of the Genbook Web (full site) view. 

1. Click Settings at the top right of your screen.

2. Choose "Customer reminders" in the Communicating section

3. Select and save your reminder settings

  1. Check the appropriate box(es) to send reminders via email, text message, or both.
  2. Set the length of time prior to the appointment that the reminder will be sent. (Note: only appointments made at least 24 hours before this lead time will trigger reminders. A Reminder Lead Time of 48 hours, then, means only appointments made at least 72 hours in advance of their start will trigger a reminder to the client. 🤓)
  3. Save your changes when you're happy with your settings! 🎉  

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Reminder Examples

Text/SMS Reminders

Text reminders contain appointment details, along with a link that lets clients cancel or change their appointments.

Email Reminders

Reminder emails contain much more information than their text message counterparts They include the appointment's confirmation/reference #, the service and staff member, location (if applicable), time and date, as well any confirmation messages or confirmation attachments you've added. In short, they look just like confirmation emails. 😄 

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