The Away Dates feature lets you set up your staff's vacation days so they aren't available to take appointments. We'll quickly take you through how to set those up from the Genbook Website, or from the Manager app on your iPhone or Android.

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Manager for iPhone

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1. Click Settings in the top right of your page

2. Click on Staff

3. Choose a staff member from your list by clicking on their name

4. In the staff profile select Away Dates

5. Enter the range of dates to mark your staff member as Away during, and click "Add".

6. The new range of Away Dates will appear in the list

Away dates in your Calendar will list the Away status for all time slots

If a staff member is only away for one or two days, or only lets you know at the last minute, there's an easy, one-click way to set them as Away right in your Calendar. 

Just click the icon that looks like a clock next to the staff member's name in the day view, or next to the date in the week view. Clicking it again will open that day back up for bookings.

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1. Tap the Settings menu at the top left
2. Choose Business Profile

3. Tap Staff
4. Select the staff member whose Away Dates you're editing

5. Tap Staff away dates
6. Tap the plus (+) to add a new set of dates

7. Enter a description and choose a date range.
8. Save at the top right 

In the Calendar 📆 

(Best/easiest for single or spur of the moment days off, like sick days and emergencies)

1. Tap "Away" at the top right to make the entire date Away quickly.
2. This changes all the time slots on that day from open/blank to "Away".
(If you accidentally made the date Away, just tap "Available" to open it back up.)

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1. Go to Settings
2. Select Business Profile

3. Select Staff
4. Choose a staff member

5. In their staff profile, select Update Away Dates
6. Tap the "+" button to add a new range of Away Dates

7. Enter a description for the new Away Date, then pick a date range
8. Tap on the check at the top to save changes

9. Your Away Date will now appear in the list and those dates will be marked as Away in the staff member's calendar
10. To remove an away date simply select it and use the trash icon in the top right

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