As part of your Comms tab in Genbook, Smart Marketing allows you to use your client and their booking history to communicate with your clients via email. You can create segments of your clients using your data in Genbook and send fully customized email messages to them.

NOTE: If you haven't received your test email please check your SPAM folder. Email best practices are to send relevant messages to relevant client. If your clients mark your emails as spam it will prevent future messages from being delivered to their inbox. Please check your Message History Tab to see a history of sent messages.


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Sending a message to a group of clients

Email quota

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Sending a message to a group of clients via the app

Things to remember

  • Client segments include a maximum of 2 years of appointment history.

  • Genbook updates segment information once each day.

  • Clients that unsubscribe from marketing emails will not be included in future email blasts.

  • If you un-select the email marketing option from the client notification preferences, that client will be excluded from message blasts.

  • Clients you have ‘blocked’ from scheduling online are automatically excluded from email blasts.

  • Within the option to send an email to a specific customer, clients who've unsubscribed won't be on the list you choose from. Clients who are Blocked or have email marketing preference turned off by you can still be contacted.

  • There is a Smart Marketing email limit of 2,000 emails per month (you won't be able to send out any more smart marketing emails for the month once you've hit that limit).


Sending a message to a group of clients

1. Choose the email

After selecting Smart Marketing you can select the template that best fits your needs, or chose a blank template.

2. Customize the message

The content of the selected template can be fully customized to meet the needs of the business. You may include a custom Call To Action button.

3. Define the segment of customers to receive the message

Select the clients to which to send the email.

4. Customize the segmentation rules to meet the specific needs of the message

The segmentation rule can be customized to identify the specific clients that you wants to interact with. To learn more about segments, click here.

5. Review the number of customers that meet the segment rules and select send

The number of clients that the email will be sent to is displayed prior to the message being sent. This screen also provides the business with information about the number of customers that will be excluded from the blast and why.

The summary of messages sent is displayed.


Email Quota

You can can control the maximum number of messages a client receives in a week.

Go to Settings / Smart Marketing

Then choose the maximum number of emails per week that each client may receive:

Save changes.



Sending a message to a group of clients via the app

1. Go to Settings / Comms

2. Choose Smart Marketing

3. Choose a template

4. Customize message including locations, message, booking button.

5. Choose the segment of clients to which the email will be sent

6. Send the message

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