🚨 IMPORTANT: You DO NOT have to manually create or set up a new Booksy account. Genbook will create your Booksy account for you in the migration process. When your account has finished migrating, we will alert you in Genbook and via email with the login details of your new Booksy account.

Questions? Concerns? ☎️: 844.388.3447 or 📧: support@genbook.com or 💬 (chat) right from this article.

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What is Booksy?

Booksy is the number one rated online appointment booking and business management solution for service based industries, in America and beyond. From the day-to-day organization to the big picture growth, Booksy offers service businesses of all sizes everything they need to elevate their experience and grow their business.

Booksy is one of the fastest growing tech companies with an impressive track record of supporting businesses especially in beauty and wellness industries because Booksy cares about small business owners. They listen to users' input and continue to build a robust set of features to help them with flexible online booking, rich client record keeping, POS, product management, marketing and so much more.

What’s Booksy’s background?

Booksy was founded on the fundamental idea that small business owners need time and space to bring their artistry to life. Our founders know this first-hand, and they created Booksy to give entrepreneurs back their most valuable resource - time.

Since their launch in 2015, Booksy has been backed by leading US and European investors, and has successfully grown to integrate a global network of self-made service providers.

Click to learn more about Booksy.

Why did Genbook join Booksy?

Booksy’s acquisition of Genbook is based on the shared purpose of helping small business owners eliminate the distractions that arise from managing a business in a fast-paced world, to get time back for what matters.

Both Booksy and Genbook keep their users at the heart of every decision. Joining the Booksy family means we are able to give Genbook users an expanded feature set with many valuable new capabilities. We’re excited to join forces with Booksy during this huge phase of growth and work together to build the best business management solution imaginable.

The Migration Process

Should I create a Booksy account now?

No, please do not sign up for or create a new Booksy account. We will migrate all* of your Genbook account data to a new Booksy account. We will not be able to migrate your Genbook data to a pre-existing Booksy account if you create one. Sit tight and we will send you everything you need.

What will the process of transitioning my Genbook account to Booksy look like?

  1. We will send you an invitation to login to a Booksy test account two weeks before your migration so that you can explore and get comfortable with the platform.

  2. We’ll then migrate your Genbook account data over into a new, fully set up Booksy account for you, customized based on your current Genbook settings.

  3. Your old Genbook booking page links will start redirecting to your new Booksy booking page, and you’ll begin booking through Booksy.

and we’ll be here to help every step of the way.

What information in my account is getting migrated to Booksy?

  • The Service types you offer

  • Your Staff members*

  • Your past and future appointments*

  • Your clients*

  • Your verified reviews

  • All account settings that Booksy currently supports (opening hours etc.)

* Some limitations apply. See the below for more details

*Staff - Staff Details & Staff Hours will be migrated. Staff logins/access rights will need to be reinstated (for security reasons) in your new Booksy account. Third party calendar synchronization will not migrate (i.e. Google cal, iCal etc.).

*Future Appointments - Any “Recurring” appointments on your books will be migrated including up to 30 future appointments. Any future bookings beyond that will need to be recreated in your new Booksy account.

*Clients - Client names and full contact details will be migrated. and duplicate customers (using the same email address) are not allowed, so we will be fixing any beforehand to make the email unique and we will be adding an email to any customer without one

What do I need to do in order to make sure my Genbook account is correctly migrated?

Nothing, your account will be automatically migrated and you don’t need to do a thing.

We will give you plenty of warning so you have time to get comfortable with the Booksy platform. You can always choose to migrate early by visiting the Booksy Migration Hub in your Genbook account settings (but be careful as migration can’t be undone!)

Will I still be able to access my Genbook account after I migrate to Booksy?

No. Once your Genbook account data is migrated successfully to Booksy, you will no longer be able to access it through Genbook. Instead you can access it through Booksy by logging in on https://booksy.com/ with the unique email and password combination that is sent to you when your migration is complete.

What are the next steps for customers who don’t want to move to Booksy?

If you’re nervous or unsure about moving over to Booksy, give us a call or send us a chat so we can help. Our success and support teams will be able to guide you.

All Genbook accounts will eventually be closed and the Genbook service (including our site, etc.) will be sunset/turned off.

Do I have to sign a contract with Booksy?

No. You don’t need to sign a contract with Booksy. Similar to Genbook, you will be moved over to a matching Booksy subscription and can cancel your subscription at any time.

What will happen to my current Genbook account if I do nothing?

If you take no action, your Genbook account will be automatically migrated to Booksy.

All Genbook accounts will eventually be migrated to Booksy and the old Genbook system (servers, website, etc.) will be sunset (shut down).

We will keep you well informed as to when your account migration will take place, and you will have a migration countdown banner you can refer to in your Genbook account.

We strongly recommend exploring the temporary test account we’ve created for you prior to your account migration to help you get comfortable with Booksy. The test account login details can be found in your Genbook account in the lead up to your migration.

Where can I see a demo or other resources, so I can familiarize myself with Booksy?

There is tons of information about how Booksy works on Booksy’s FAQ page, and they host plenty of regular webinars on a wide range of topics, big and small, that you can register for any time. Genbook and Booksy will also be co-hosting a dedicated webinar twice a week to help Genbook users in the migration which you can register for here.

If you still have questions, you can reach out to info.us@booksy.com or through the contact page.

Product Feature Questions

What new features will I gain access to when I migrate to Booksy?

Booksy and Genbook share a great number of features, but here are some Booksy-exclusives that Genbook users migrating over will now have access to:

Booking Options

Group Bookings

Virtual Appointments

Health & Safety Rules

Resource Scheduling (ability to book out rooms/equipment)

More customizable “lead times” (minimum/maximum notice time for a future booking)

Avoid “gaps” between services feature

Booking confirmation/approval options

Customizable service packages

Custom client forms (intake forms etc.)

More social integrations including Yelp

Option to send SMS appointment confirmations in addition to email confirmations

Upcoming appointment “list” view

Customizable notifications for providers by “type of booking” i.e. recurring, new client. etc.

Staff Management

Shifts (totally customizable recurring shifts patterns and availability)

Client Management


Photos against a client profile

Products purchased against a client profile

Forms against a client profile

Memberships against a client profile

Packages against a client profile

Gift cards against a client profile

Total revenue against a client profile

Special payment options by client (discount%, exempt form deposits etc.)

Custom groupings (apply hashtags to client profiles for marketing or admin purposes i.e. #balyage #referral #VIP)


Purchase orders

Thorough stock records

Storage locations


Boost - a feature you can turn on that promotes your business higher in search rankings, proven to drive new business

Gift certificates with set prices/names

Gift certificates for specific services

Flash Sales, Happy Hours (and tracking)

Custom promotions

Text Message Blast Campaigns/Push Campaigns

More customizable Gift Card Options

Improved Business Profile page

Business Portfolio Image Gallery


Client retention report (Slipping Away)



Marketing Reports

Boost client reports (Cost Per acquisition etc.)

Download reports to files

Payment Processing & POS

More competitive processing fees.

Option to give the client the choice to pay in advance.

Ability to store payment details against a client profile for future use

Option for "trusted clients" who don't have to pay deposits

Option to have clients pay deposits for their first appointment or custom number of appointments

Option to charge cancellation fees automatically

Device Support

Dedicated Tablet App with increased capabilities

User Support

24/7 support

What features will I no longer have access to when I migrate?

At present, Booksy is still working on building out external calendar syncing (gcal, ical etc.), certain waitlist features, “split” services, a "card collection only" payments option and a multi-location account solution (although work-arounds for this are available).

Will I be able to take my reviews with me to Booksy?

Yes! You’ll take your glowing Genbook reviews with you to Booksy and publish them online like you do with Genbook. Plus, you’ll be able to collect new verified reviews from happy clients, and share them for the world to see, through Booksy’s own powerful reviews feature, just as you did through Genbook.

Do I need to do anything from my end to be able to access the Booksy app?

Download BooksyBiz on your iPhone or Android. If you are a staff member then your account owner will need to give you a login, which you will receive an email to confirm.

Will my clients have to create client-level accounts to book with me on Booksy?

The best experience for your clients to manage all appointments, cancellations, rescheduling is by creating an account and using the Booksy client app, but if they book through social media, or through Google they would not be required to log in to an account.

Will I still be able to have a Book Now button on my social media (Instagram/Facebook) using Booksy?

Yes, you will be able to add a Book Now button on your social accounts. Please find the instructions on how to add a Book Now button on the Integrations tab on Booksy’s FAQ.

Will I be able to take my client list to Booksy?

Yes! We will migrate your client list over from Genbook to Booksy, and you also have some easy “invite” tools available in your new Booksy account.

Who will notify my clients that they’ll be booking somewhere else now?

To give you the most ownership over how you communicate with your clients, we won’t message them on your behalf to let them know your booking through Booksy. There is a great marketing suite included in your Booksy account that will enable you to send message blasts.

Does Booksy integrate with my Google Business Page for easy booking right from Google Searches and Maps?

Yes! Booksy is also a Reserve with Google partner, so you’ll be able to take appointments from your Google Business page, aka: Google searches and Maps, just as you did with Genbook.

My business uses Stripe/Square/Both as a payment system. Will it be the same for Booksy?

For in-person client checkout, Booksy integrates with Stripe POS (to offer their Booksy card readers, powered by Stripe) and can also integrate with Square POS. If you would like to collect payments, like deposits, in advance then you would need to use Booksy Mobile Payments. The rates are excellent and using this option opens up a range of great features, including deposits, automatic cancellation fees and one-click card charging at checkout. We highly recommend turning that on as soon as you migrate. A guide on how to turn on Booksy Mobile Payments can be found here.

I use Stripe/Square/both POS systems. Do I need to do anything in order to keep using them with Booksy account once I migrate?

Yes! You can keep using your Stripe / Square card reader for in-person checkout but you must connect it to your Booksy account through the mobile app. Once your migration is complete, here's how to get started:

  • To connect your Stripe (i.e. Genbook bluetooth) POS Card Reader:
    Reach out to Booksy support who will help you transfer the connection.
    *If you don't own a device yet, you can order one under:
    Business Settings > Customer Payments > Payments Types > Booksy Card Reader

  • To connect your Square POS Card Reader in your Booksy app go to:
    Business Settings > Customer Payments > Payments Types > Square Card Reader
    *Please note - reader must be turned on and in range

I'm interested in getting a card reader POS set up. What should I do?

To start using the Booksy Card Reader after your migration, simply go to:

Business Settings > Customer Payments > Payments Types > Booksy Card Reader, complete the verification process, order, then connect your device.

I want to charge deposits, so how do I set up Booksy Mobile Payments?

As soon as your migration is complete, you can turn on mobile payments in your Booksy account by going to:

Business Settings > Customer Payments > Payments Types > Mobile Payments

*Please note - Getting set up and verified with each Booksy payment method can take up to a few days and has to be conducted separately, so we recommend starting that process as soon as you migrate so you can keep getting paid without interruptions. Learn more about Booksy payment options here.

Billing Questions

How will my pricing change if I move to Booksy?

Your pricing will not change. Booksy is honoring and keeping your Genbook pricing for your new Booksy account.

Will there be a discounted price for Genbook users to move to Booksy?

There is no current discount offer at Booksy, but your monthly fees will stay the same. Booksy is honoring and keeping Genbook pricing for accounts.

What will the incentives be for switching from Genbook to Booksy (pricing/etc.)?

Booksy provides users with a host of additional features, such as package sales, gift cards, and memberships. They will honor your current Genbook pricing, so you will see no rise in your subscription costs. Booksy is a familiar name to customers after being a top scheduling service for years, so they will be comfortable booking with you through your new Booksy account.

What account payment plans/options does Booksy offer? (aka: monthly/annual/etc.)

Booksy will honor and keep your current Genbook price when you move over to their platform.

For brand new users, Booksy offers two flexible payment options currently. These are, Lite and Pro. Both payment options are priced at $29.99/month, however, the Pro plan offers more capabilities, based on the experience that best supports your unique journey.

More details on pricing can be read here.

Service and Support Questions

Will I get the same amazing support at Booksy as I do with Genbook?

Yes! They’re just as obsessed with helping small business owners thrive as we are. Booksy even offers extended support hours.

How will I contact Booksy support when I need them?

You can reach out to them by phone at ​​1 (206) 735-3553 or chat in via your account. You can also reach them via this contact form: https://booksy.com/en-us/p/contact

What are Booksy’s support hours?

Phone support is available 8am - 10pm CT Monday - Saturday. Chat support is available 24/7.

Will I still be able to contact Genbook support in the same way I always have?

We’re all here for you. You will still be able to contact Genbook support through chat, email and phone up until your account migration to Booksy. After that you will get the best support with your new account if you reach out Booksy support in any of the ways mentioned above. We will also be co-hosting regular webinars to help answer any and all of your questions related to the migration. Register for a Genbook x Booksy webinar here.

More information

  • Check out the press release on Booksy’s Acquisition of Genbook.

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